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Mel Brooks, Molly Shannon, Christina Pickles, Jane Kaczmarek, Jorge Garcia, Steven Weber, Brian Geraghty, Iddo Goldberg, Todd Waring, John Gemberling, Nadine Velazquez, Mona Zaki, Susan Ziegler, Philippe Brenninkmeyer, Rob Kazinsky, Heather Morris, Willow Geer, Brianna Brown-Keen, Bradley Gregg, Tehmina Sunny, Eden McCoy, Rachel Melvin, Craig Robert Young, Amiée Conn


“Off Hiatus” (2021) - Makeup FX Artist

Directed by David LaChapelle

starring Kai Milla, Paris Hilton, John Cantwell

Untitled Lani Pixels Project (post production) - Personal Makeup Artist for Mel Brooks (BTS Extra Content)

produced by Verité Entertainment

"Big America" (completed)Makeup Dept. Head

directed by David Moreton

starring Joshua De Jesus, Rob Kazinsky, Willow Geer, Cody Longo, Heather Morris

"2 Timers" (post production)Makeup Dept. Head

directed by Tim Aslin, Shane Cibella

produced by Todd Waring, executive produced by Jamie Lee Curtis

starring Jane Kaczmarek, Steven Weber, Amber Stevens West

Crossroads (post production) - Hairstylist & Makeup Artist (Los Angeles Unit)

produced by Rasha Abu-Rish, Zeus Zamani

starring Mona Zaki, Mohamed Farraagh, Adam Elshar

"Rise" (completed) - Makeup FX Artist

directed by Chris Beyrooty

starring Daniel Rodriguez, Nick Waters

"Little One" (completed) - Special FX Makeup Artist

directed by Logan Fields, Chris Beyrooty

starring Nick Waters, Tatjana Marjanovic

"Faith" (2019)Makeup Dept. Head

directed by Elias Daughdrill

starring Brian Geraghty, Nora-Jane Noone, Iddo Goldberg, Thomas Francis Murphy

“Running Out Of Time” (post production) - Makeup Dept. Head

directed by John Mawson

starring Jorge Garcia, Tehmina Sunny, Kim Estes

"Laying Out" (2019) - Makeup Artist

directed by Joanna Arnow

starring Michole White, Joanna Arnow

"Breathe" (2019) - Special FX Makeup Artist

directed by Mitch Yapko

starring Jeremy Guskin, Susie Abromeit, Graham Clarke, Mark Povinelli

"Break a Hip" (2018) - Personal Makeup Artist for Christina Pickles

directed by Cameron Watson

starring Christina Pickles, Allison Janney, Carole Cook, Priscilla Barnes, Lawrence Pressman

"Un-Dateable Britt" (2018) - Makeup Dept. Head

directed by Jacob Swanson

starring Kristine Veta, Frank Meli, Avi Agarwal, Mia Marcon

"Jewels" (2018) - Key Makeup Artist

directed by Bobbi Bosko Grubic

starring Tehmina Sunny, Julia Fae

“Wild Nights with Emily” (2018) - Additional Makeup Artist

directed by Madeleine Olnek

starring Molly Shannon, Susan Ziegler 

"The Misadventures of Rue" (2018) - Key Makeup Artist

directed by Anya Profumo, Jessica Borden

starring Jordyn Jones, Hana Doerr, Ian McClure

"The Unclosed Door" (2018) - Makeup Artist

directed by Ce Liang

starring Natasha Chang, David Wunderlich, Tara Johnson

"Disaster Ever After" (2018) - Key Makeup Artist

directed by Anya Profumo, Jessica Borden

starring Sandy Cevallis-Camponella, Steph Garcia, John Fantasia

“Broken Shell” (2017) - Makeup Dept. Head

directed by Samantha Fuller & Tara Brenninkmeyer

starring Phil Brenninkmeyer, Anya Profumo, Jacob DeMonte-Finn

"Adjacent" (2017) - Makeup Artist

directed by Julie Haberstick

starring Blake Kirchick, Kari Swanson, Nina Genatossio

“Protagonist” (2017) - Makeup Dept. Head

directed by Alec Griffin Roth

starring Lorynn York, Paola Paulin, Ryan McCarthy

“@asst_” (2017) - Makeup Artist

directed by Craig Robert Young & Richard Keith

starring Brianna Brown, Eric Roberts, Jorge Diaz, Oskar Rodriguez 

“Our BnB Life” (2017) - Personal Makeup Artist for Nadine Velasquez

directed by James Cullen Bressack & Gina La Piana

starring Nadine Velasquez, Johann Urb

“Dark Hours: ROXANA” (2017) - Key Hairstylist

exec.produced by James Franco, Rabbit Bandini Productions 

starring Bradley Gregg, Francesca Eaddy, Bill Ferris, Michelle Arthur

“PEOPLE Magazine Investigates” (2017) - Personal Makeup Artist for Christine Palisek

produced by Finch Productions / Radley Studios for Investigation Discovery 

"An Uber Tale" (2017) - Special FX Makeup Artist

directed by Lynelle White

starring Caleb Gonzalez, Ariella Segal

"The Queen of Hollywood Blvd" (2017) - Additional Makeup Artist

directed by Orson Oblowitz

starring Michael Parks, Carole Davis 

"Little Red's Pie" (2016) - Key Makeup Artist

directed by Rae Shaw

starring Adrian Snow, Lee Dawson, Doreene L. Hamilton

"Small Talk" (2016) - Key Makeup Artist

directed by Terrisha Kearse

starring Farelle Walker, Kiya Roberts, David Chattam

“Jaywalking” (2016) - Makeup Dept. Head

produced by 4TH Cliff Entertainment, Inc.

starring Rachel Melvin, Aaron Scotti

"Lapse" (2015) - Key Makeup Artist

directed by Tanya Ohanian

starring Coty Galloway, Andrea Martina Isenschmid, Jesus Guevara

"Clique" (2015) - Key Hairstylist

directed by Annabella Gutman

starring Annabella Gutman, Jackie Pucci


Director's Guild Awards, EMMYS, The OSCARS, American Music Awards, GRAMMYS, ESPYS, LA Fashion Week, Style Fashion Week Los Angeles, Art Hearts Fashion, Herbalife, IMATS Los Angeles, Maxim Magazine Halloween, Bootsy Bellows Halloween, Maddox Leather Design, We Will Uproar, Monsterpalooza


Terri Nunn (Berlin), Emily Lazar (September Mourning), Jill Sobule


"New Truck" by Florida Georgia Line - directed by Chris Beyrooty - Makeup Dept. Head / SFX Makeup Artist

"Cute Kids" by Tai Verdes - directed by Logan Fields - Key Makeup Artist

"Better" by Curtis Waters - directed by Logan Fields - Key Makeup Artist

"Vampira" by GhostLuvMe - directed by Louieknows - Makeup Artist

"Zombie" by Saint Bodhi - directed by Logan Fields - Key Makeup Artist

"Blackwater" by Eeri - directed by Alexa San Roman - Makeup Dept. Head

"Para Qué Lastimarme" by Gerardo Ortiz - directed by Victor Zambrano, Danny Hastings - Makeup Dept. Head

"Supposed to be" by Icon For Hire - directed by Jamie Holt - Assistant Makeup Artist

"Medicine" by Jakarta Criers - directed by Dillon Puswald - Special FX Makeup Artist

"Now you know" by Icon For Hire - directed by Jamie Holt - Assistant Makeup Artist

"Stonefist" by HEALTH - directed by naked faces - Additional Special FX Makeup Artist


The Art of Elysium, Lisa Vanderpump Charity, St. Martin's Animal Rescue, Vegan Beauty Revolution


Runway Rogue Beauty, Miriam J, Tyche Los Angeles, SITTS, Possebon Jewelry


Devolution Magazine, ELEGANT Magazine, WHERE Traveler Magazine China, Huffington Post, LA Weekly



Modelwerk (Germany), Talents Models Munich (Germany)

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